10 Holiday Quit Smoking Tips

by Jenny Novac on December 18, 2013

Smoking Santa

1. Believe you can do it
Put down your reasons for quitting smoking and have it with you so that you could refer to as often as possible. Sometimes holiday joy may be suppressed by stress and list with your reasons would greatly help you not to lose your way towards your goal.

2. Tell about your goal to your family and friends
For many people, winter holidays is the time when they see their friends and family the most. Tell them that you decided to quit smoking and how excited you are about it. Let them know that the greatest present they could give you would be their support.

3. Do not hesitate and start it right now
Holiday rush can make you put a hold on your quit smoking decision. You may say that you’re going to start it after the New Year. Do not delay it if you decided it today! The sooner you’ll begin, the sooner you’ll get the results.

4. Know your triggers
You should understand what rises in you desire to smoke a cigarette. Try to avoid these situations. Find an alternative to smoking. For instance, walk instead if smoking.

5. Seek help
There are numerous help lines where you may ask for help. They will answer your questions and provide a professional advice.

6. Give yourself motivation
Having a goal in your mind would be a perfect motivation for you.

7. Reduce alcohol use
Excessive alcohol can make it easier for you to light up a cigarette. Drink less.

8. Avoid events with many other smokers
It can be hard but very important because being among a lot of smoking people would make you want to smoke too.

9. Remember about your health
Holidays rush would make you busy but try to find time for physical exercises. It may be walking. 20 minutes of physical activity daily is better than nothing.

10. Try nicotine replacement therapy
Nicotine replacement products such as gum, patch and lozenges can help control cravings and keep you focused on your goal.

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