Marlboro filter plus

Cigarette maker Altria’s 3Q net income rises nearly 4 percent despite lower cigarette sales

The Marlboro Man had a more difficult time roping in cigarette smokers in the third quarter, marking one of the biggest U.S. market share declines for Altria Group Inc.’s top-selling premium brand in at least four years. But the owner of the nation’s largest cigarette maker, Philip Morris USA, said Thursday higher prices and gains […]

Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s smoking gums: the worst ad in the history of politics

Herman Cain’s bid to win the Republican presidential nomination is in danger of disappearing in a puff of smoke: specifically the long drag on a cigarette taken by Cain’s campaign manager 40 seconds into a 56-second-long web ad. Cain has been running on the basis...

Johannes Heesters and his wife

106 year old Quits Smoking

German actor Johannes Heesters, who is 106 years old, has quitted smoking. He says he has done it for love as his 62 year old wife Simone Rethel, who has been living with the actor since 1992, wants him to. She has taken her time...

PMI Chief Financial Officer Hermann Waldemer

Philip Morris Int’l CFO Waldemer

Australia’s government has introduced a bill that would prevent tobacco companies from displaying their distinctive colors, brand designs and logos on cigarette packs in a bid to make smoking less attractive to young people. The bill requires all cigarettes to be sold in the same...


€1 rise in cigarettes would see 30,000 quit

A €1 increase in the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes would see 30,000 smokers quit the habit, according a report published yesterday. The report contradicts the findings of a Revenue Commissioners study in February that found increases in the price of cigarettes would...


Bulgaria finalises controversial tobacco deal

Bulgaria finalised on Monday the controversial sale of state-owned cigarette maker Bulgartabac to a firm belonging to Kremlin-controlled Russian bank VTB for 100.1 million euros ($137.4 million), AFP reported. Numerous other privatisation attempts have failed over the past 13 years, and critics have questioned who...

Cigarette-rolling machine

Tobacco shops cry foul over cigarette machine ruling

Some local tobacco shop operators say the state is out of line to try requiring permits and other regulations for roll-your-own cigarette machines. Wayne Johnson, owner of Holy Smokes tobacco shop on London Road, said his store, like others in the state, was shut down...

BAT France

British American Tobacco convicted of illegal advertising in Strasbourg

British American Tobacco France was condemned by the Court of Appeal of Colmar for illegal advertising of tobacco on the occasion of the European Fair of Strasbourg in 2004, said on Tuesday with the court. It will pay to the plaintiff, the association rights of...