Prada $890 high heels are ‘smoking’

‘Lips’ sandals will cost you the equivalent of about 80 packs of cigarettes. It’s hard to find a place where smoking is still allowed in New York.  Luckily, your footwear is exempt from the law. Prada has come out with a pair of stiletto-heeled sandals with bright pink patent leather lips with dangling leather cigarettes […]

Six Reasons Why People Smoke

People who smoke tend to begin at an early age. Some inherit the habit from their parents. Others learn it from friends. Regardless of how the habit began, there are many reasons why they continue to smoke. Even while knowing the damage they’re doing to...

Smoking Woman

Russia Ready to Crackdown on Smoking

A bill significantly tightening the rules for smoking in public places will be submitted to the Russian parliament this week, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily said on Thursday. The document stipulates a total ban on smoking in restaurants, government, education, medical, cultural and sports facilities as...