Smoking Oprah

Oprah Winfrey Smoking after ‘Love Scene’ with Terrence Howard in New Movie

Oprah Winfrey has finished filming of a new movie, “The Butler”, in which she represents the wife of Forest Whitaker. The media mogul provided a photo of her after sharing a “love scene” with Terrance Howard. There she appears to be sexy at the camera and smokes a cigarette. “And THAT’s a Wrap! Terrance Howard […]

Smoking Wynona Ryder

‘Social smoker’ Winona Ryder puffs nearly a pack of cigarettes

Wynona Ryder certainly reported that she was just a ‘social smoker’ who liked a cigarette smoking once in a while. However, it appears that Winona Ryder’s love of cigarettes has developed in recent times, as the actress was caught smoking almost an entirely pack of...

Smoking Kareena Kapoor

Aishwarya, Kareena, Katrina: Top Bollywood actresses caught in smoking scenes!

Nowadays, celebrities pictured on-screen are no longer unreal and stereotype. The 21st century idea of women confidence has made it easier for the current female stars to achieve that dream position, which was once just a simple dream. In addition to skin shows and intimate...

Smoking Katy Perry

Katy Perry puffs on cigarette outside the cinema

She was at the cinema to enjoy a movie with her good friends, but it seems Katy Perry was not thinking about the movie. The American singer talked with two her girlfriends outside the cinema and was smoking a cigarette. The smoking habit will not...