Smoking Macaley Culkin

Macaulay Culkin ‘smoking 60 cigarettes a day

Worries have started yet for a second time for Macaulay Culkin among reports the stressed actor is smoking as much as 60 cigarettes a day. Pals are apparently seriously worried about the Home Alone star as the consequences of his smoking habit are starting to display. “He has already breathing problems, his teeth began to […]

Smoking Johnny Depp

Stressed Johnny? Depp puffs on a cigarette onset of new flick

Johnny Depp is featuring in a movie where computers have the capability to transcend the abilities of the human brain. But for the American smoking celebrity, who is known as actor, film producer, and musician it was all about just pleasures as he took a...

Smoking In Pregnancy

Smoking Test to Be Given to Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should pass tests to verify whether they are smoking or not in the course of their pregnancy, new NHS guidance is suggesting. A predicted 18% of women smoke being pregnant, which is considered to result in a low birth weight for their infants...

Smoking LiLo

Glamorous Pictures of Smoking Lindsay Lohan

Her behaviour has always been criticized. Her pictures have always been provocative. Welcome Lindsay Lohan, an American star, who is well-known worldwide for her love of the various get-togethers, scandalous lifestyle and excessive smoking. Lindsay Lohan is a quest at every party. She regularly gets...

Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco

Sarah Palin uses tobacco as prop in NRA address

Why is Sarah Palin supporting a tin of chewing tobacco? That’s what guests at last weekend’s National Rifle Association convention in Houston might have questioned if they weren’t giving tumble to the speeches. Palin was using the chewing tobacco as a visual support in her...

Smoking Celebrities MTV Movie Awards

Snoop and Ke$ha smoking onstage at MTV Movie Awards

Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha obviously do not know and do not observe the smoking regulations. The famous rapper and the young singer-songwriter appeared on stage at the MTV Movie Awards smoking a cannabis joint. Smoking celebrities were puffing during their presentation and let the audience...