Tips To Quit Smoking

1. Choose the most appropriate method for you Decide what method of quitting smoking is most appropriate for you: at once to refuse from cigarettes or to reduce their amount step by step. In order to achive good results you must keep to chosen strategy. 2. Choose the day to start World No Tobacco Day […]

Ashley Cole

Famous Football Players Who’ve Been Caught Smoking

The biggest football stars have been caught taking up a cigarette. Let us find out who they are. 1. Johan Cruyff The legendary Johan Cruyff who played for Barcelona and Ajax, smoked 20 cigarettes daily when he was manager of Barca. In 1991, Johan Cruyff...

V8 vintage Winfield tobacco ad cleared by HD of breaking ad laws

The Health Department and Ageing has removed the official V8 Supercars site of breaking the tight laws on the marketing tobacco after the website published historic pictures of a car intensely branded with Winfield branding. The V8 Supercars Saturday Sleuthing feature involved a number of...