Psy Told About His Drinking and Smoking Habits

In his latest interview, Psy, who became famous with his Gangnam style, reveals his darker side! In an interview to Sunday Times, 35-year-old star told he drinks vodka and whiskey, lager and cider: “If I’m happy, I’m drinking, if I’m sad, I’m drinking. If it’s raining, I’m drinking, if it’s sunny I’m drinking. If it’s […]

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Tobacco Quitline Cuts Services

Beginning from this week, the Tobacco Quitline will considerably reduce services. Thus it will not provide anymore a full, free support for people who want to quit smoking or using tobacco. Up to Thursday, Americans  can use the next telephone number for info and free...

Link to Kristen Stewart Spotted Puffing On Cigarette

Kristen Stewart Spotted Puffing On Cigarette

Latest few months were not easy for the actress Kristen Stewart after she split up with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Seems like the actress feels stressed because of this and recently was caught smoking a cigarette during shooting in a new movie called  Camp X...

Alison Pill And Elijah Wood

Alison Pill And Elijah Wood Caught Taking A Cigarette Break Together

Seems like cute Elijah Wood is a smoker1 Elijah together with actress Alison Pill are now in Los Angeles in the films called Cooties and during their break they caught smoking cigarettes! Oh, God! And we are not talking about the cooties! Hey, come on!...

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Ways To Quit Smoking

You feel that you are so addicted to cigarettes that cannot imagine your life without them. Today are known effects cigarettes have on human body, therefore the desire to quit smoking is natural. People are familiar enough with health complications associated with smoking. Modern people...

Dominic West

Dominic West Smokes And Drinks For A New Role

The Wire star, Dominic West, began to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol to excess trying to achieve Richard Burton’s distinct vocal tones for a new drama. Richard Burton is a well-known Welsh actor who was nominated to Academy Awards seven times. Dominic West plays the...


Tulisa Was Caught Passing Round Roll-up Cigarette

She had packed her sexy bikini and went to Ibiza to celebrate her birthday. However, it all went a little wrong for Tulisa on Ibiza when an unknown man flirted with her best friend Chelsee Healey. At the Ocean Beach Club an unknown fan made...