Heidi Range at Liverpool Music Awards

Heidi Range in a Dress Embellished with Cigarettes and Cocktails at Liverpool Music Awards

The Liverpool Music Awards gives awards to best local musicians and those who work behind the scenes in the local music industry. The One’s to Watch award of this year was dedicated to Michael Molloy who tragically died in a crash at only 18 years old.  Liverpool Music Awards took place last Sunday, August 25. […]

cigarette smoke

How To Prevent Children From Smoking

Check out next tips which will help you to prevent your children from smoking. 1.Tell your children about tobacco dangers as often as you may. It is important to keep talking about it over the years. Little kids also understand that smoking is bad. 2....

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe, the Controversial Photographer

In Galashiels, the UK, took place a photo exhibition of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe which was promoted with a black and white image on which he is smoking a cigarette. The image was made in 1980. Drew Ketchen, the Community Councillor, considers that this image...

Lindsay Lohan with a cigarette in the bathroom

Lindsay Lohan Brushes Her Teeth While Smoking a Cigarette

Some smokers love menthol cigarettes and the actress Lindsay Lohan got minty cigarette taste by unusually brushing her teeth while smoking. She uploaded an image to her Instagram page from the set of Eastbound & Down, which she is filming a guest appearance on. In...

apps to quit smoking

Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

1. Quit Now: My QuitBuddy Android, iPhone Free The app was developed by Australian National Preventive Health Agency. It provides a number of useful tools to quit smoking. A compact readout displays information about how many cigarettes you haven not smoked and how much tar...

Uma Thurman With a Cigarette

Uma Thurman Smokes a Cigarette on Luxury Yacht

The actress looked not much happy on the yacht during her holiday in Saint Tropez while smoking a cigarette. Soon the Kill Bill star burst into giggles as she demonstrated her sexy body in a white swimsuit on holiday with her family on the French...

kids and smoking

Reasons Why Children Smoke

Everyone knows about health risks of tobacco use, but in spite of this modern children and teenagers continue to smoke cigarettes and use chewing tobacco. It is very important to make sure that children understand the risks of tobacco use. In the United States smoking...

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Smoking a Cigarette a Week

In her latest interview for British publication the Telegraph, the Oscar-winning celebrity shares her secrets to staying skinny. Tracy Anderson is her personal trainer who made all his best for the perfect look of the actress. Gwyneth praises him so much now for his efforts....