Kids with Asthma More Likely Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

Researchers in the USA claim that in spite of large health campaigns, still many people are smoking around children. Data from 2003 to 2010, demonstrates that 50% of all kids aged 6 to 19, including those suffering from asthma, have been exposed to secondhand smoke. According to Academic Pediatrics, for children aged 6 to 11, […]

Juno Temple

Tom Sturridge and Juno Temple Smoking During a Break

Recently there have started filmings for the new movie called Far From The Madding Crowd by the novel of Thomas Hardy written in 1874. However, it seems that Tom Sturridge together with Juno Temple do already feel stress during filmings as they often smoke cigarettes...

Social Networking

Social Networking Sites May Help Quit Smoking

A new study found that smokers who use social networking sites for quitting smoking achieve success due to creation of supporting groups from like-minded people. These virtual connections increase smoker’s chances to kick their habit.  The finding is based on answers of 252 users of...

Sneakers made of cigarette packs

Sneakers Made Of Cigarette Packs

Recently designer Jason Ruff released his latest excellent project. This time he made perfect little replicas of classic Nike high-tops using materials found in packs of well-known cigarette brands. Ruff describes the collection as “mixing the unattainable objects of my youth”. That is, sneakers and...


Smoking and Sex Life

Most people know about risks that tobacco use causes and in spite of this people continue to smoke cigarettes. Will they remain sexy if they do not quit the habit? Surveys conducted in Britain showed that almost half of smokers say they would quit to...


Smoking During Pregnancy May Be Tied to Bipolar Disorder in Adult Child

New study found that kids of women who smoked during their pregnancy may be at higher risk for developing bipolar disorder in their adult age. The findings were published October 1 in the American Journal of Psychiatry. What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a...


Hyundai Replaces Car Cigarette Lighters With USB Ports

Famous car maker Hyundai from South Korea has declared recently that it will replace cigarette lighter sockets with USB power points in cars made for home market. The decision would touch all SUVs and passenger cars sold in Korea from October. The decision is based...

Quit Smoking

Online Tools To Quit Smoking

We Quit Online Forum On the Stop Smoking Forum you will find thousands of people who are quitting. Join and share your experience and tips. Forum is available any time of day and is perfect for chatting with other smokers. It is created by the...