Physical Activity Helps to Quit Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on health and most people are aware about it. 77 percent of adults in Scotland protect themselves from negative effects of smoking by choosing not to smoke. It was estimated that 67 percent of smokers in the UK would like to give up smoking. It is difficult to quit, therefore today […]


Match.Com Survey on Smoking and Dating

A recent survey by and Pfizer showed that single smokers may want to consider giving up smoking when they want to find love. 9 respondents out of 10 (89%) told that they prefer not to date someone who smokes. On the question «Which actions...

Jennifer Lopez Smoking In Lila & Eve

Jennifer Lopez was never caught smoking a cigarette. However, this week she was spotted puffing away on a cigarette while playing a grief-stricken woman on the Atlanta set of her new movie called Lila & Eve. Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis in the new movie...

Jennifer Saunders With a Cigarette

Jennifer Saunders Smokes a Cigarette in Notting Hill

The award-winning comedienne, Jennifer Saunders played in the BBC comedy called Absolutely Fabulous a woman who frequently smoked cigarettes and enjoyed leisurely lunches. Seems like the actress in her real life likes to do the same. Recently Jennifer Saunders was spotted smoking a cigarette in...

David Hockney with a Cigarette

Artist David Hockney Makes Pictures of Ashtrays

76-year-old artist David Hockney, who is also known as activist for smokers’ rights, came up with a self-portrait where he is smoking a cigarette and a painting of cigarette butts in an ashtray on a table. The images are created on an iPad. Famous modern...

Mary Berry

Mary Berry Smoked At Eight Years Old

Mary Berry, the English food writer and television presenter, recent interwiew to Piers Morgan said that at an early age of 8 years old she tried smoking cigarettes with her older brothers. The 78-year-old Mary told that all she could smell was grass and she...


Smoking Can Cause Sleeping Disorders

A study made recently showed that smoking breaks the circadian clock function in the brain and the lungs which results in sleeping disorders and leads to cognitive dysfunction, depression and anxiety, mood disorders. Irfan Rahman from the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of...