Quit Smoking

CDC Launches New Anti-Smoking Campaign

Christopher Samuels lives in Richmond, Virginia state, and he remembers how he tried his first cigarettes along with his friends 10 years ago. Years went by and Christopher says he did not quit smoking. He likes smoking abd undestands how horrible it sounds. Especially for such people Centers for Disease Control launched its new anti-smoking […]

Josie Cunningham

Josie Cunningham Wants to Quit Smoking

Pregnant model Josie Cunningham, told recently that she would consider giving up smoking in case the State would pay for it. Josie is 23 years old and she will give birth to her third child in two months. In spite of pregnancy she continues to...

Gerry Collins

Gerry Collins Encouraged 100,000 People to Quit

Gerry Collins is not only famous Dublin football player but an Irish anti-smoking activist who suffered from lung cancer. His activism encouraged 100,000 people to quit smoking once and forever. Now his daughter continues his cause and encourages smokers to quit and non-smokers not to...

Malcolm McDowell

Why McDowell Started Smoking

English actor Malcolm McDowell began to smoke cigarettes again after watching the movie A Clockwork Orange, in which he played a lead role. The movie was made in 1971 and directed by famous Stanley Kubrick . It is a story about a band of criminals....

Smoking Woman

Teens in the USA are Smoking Less

The latest report reveals that rates of smoking cigarettes, fighting and having sex among high school students are dropping.  The survey made in 2013 found that smoking rates among students dropped to 15.7%. The government’s aim is to achieve 16% or less by 2020 with...

Saif Ali Khan

Five Bollywood Celebs Who Quit Smoking

1. Aamir Khan Aamir Khan decided to quit smoking due to numerous blandishments from his children, Ira and Junaid. One more reason was the birth of third child, Azad, on December 2011. 2. Salman Khan The 47-year-old actor refused from smoking cigarettes in 2013 after undergoing...

Smoking Woman

Texting Helps to Quit Smoking

These days there are a lot of smoking cessations tools for those who want to quit: nicotine patches, nicotine gums, medications, quit smoking lines, support groups, quit smoking applications for smartphones. Recently one more tool appeared. Text messaging. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published...

Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana Smokes in a New Movie

Ayushmann Khurrana, non-smoking Bollywood actor, is learning to smoke cigarettes for his upcoming movie called Dam Laga Ke Haisha. Khurrana will be seen smoking several times in the movie. For the first time the actor  will be shooting a scene while smoking. When Khurrana saw...