Golden Rain Tree

Cytisine May be Used in Smoking Cessation

Latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine published a study which found that an extract from golden rain tree growing in Central and Eastern Europe may help smokers quit. Scientists found that this extract contains a substance called  cytisine that is similar to nicotine, and in large amounts it may be as toxic. The […]

Quit Smoking

New Program Helps Poor Americans Quit

Researchers say that new outreach program proves to be effective in helping poor Americans get rid of smoking. They made a study which demonstrated that in the USA smoking rates are high among people with low incomes. These people  are found to have greater difficulty...

Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger

Cyrus and Schwarzenegger Smoking Together in Miami

Miley Cyrus was seen with Patrick Schwarzenegger smoking together on the balcony of a hotel, in Miami. Well, this reveals that they have in common more than we can inagine. The paparazzi photographed them after they came in the early morning to the hotel from...

Brad Pitt Smoking

Brad Pitt is Smoking Again

In his fight with smoking  Brad Pitt used nicotine replacement therapy and even tried hypnotherapy. However, seems he got around to the old habit of smoking. Last week the 50-year-old actor was caught smoking at Pacific Design Center. during a discussion with actors  Logan Lerman...


Tyga, New Face of Tobacco Brand

American rapper Tyga will appear on advertisments of Shine Papers, the premium gold smoking company which produces such smoking products as weed, tobacco, wraps and more. The 25-year-old rapper is going to release his fourth studio album called The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. The release...

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Smoking in Sydney Hotel

Last week American actress Angelina Jolie was caught smoking a cigarette on the balcony in a Sydney hotel, in Australia. She began to smoke right after an argy-bargy  with her husband Brad Pitt . The information was reported by weekly magazine In Touch, who wrote...