Using Smartphone

Use My QuitBuddy for Smoking Cessation

There was launched a new application for those who wants to quit smoking. The talk is about app called My QuitBuddy. With My QuitBuddy you choose when to start your personal quitting program. You may choose to quit smoking right now or you may establish a concrete quitting day for future. You can establish your […]

Parents and Kids

No Smoke-Free Rules in 40% Smokers Homes

Latest study made in the USA demonstrates that in the country in 40% homes of adult smoking parents do not have established smoke-free rules and continue to smoke at homes where their kids are present. Introduction of smoke-free rules at homes help to protect children...

Pregnant Woman

E-cigarettes Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Newest study made in the USA revealed that 50% of pregnant women considered that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine, therefore they did not know that e-cigarettes are addictive.  They also believed that use of those devices causes no harm to their fetus. In the sudy...

Catherine Zeta-Jones Puffing a Cigarette in New York

Catherine Zeta-Jones Puffing a Cigarette in New York

Michael Douglas suffered from cancer and survived, and he blamed smoking in it. In 2010 the famous actor was diagnosed with tongue cancer and underwent adiation therapy and chemotherapy which helped him to recover. Later he said that the disease appeared due to his unhealthy...

Barak Obama Smoking

Is Barak Obama Smoking Again?

This week, a spokesman for Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi uploaded a photo on Instagram where it is seen clearly that Obama holds a pack of cigarettes in his hand. The image sparked a new speculation that he started to smoke again, despite recommendations of...

Silverman Playfully Stops Corwell from Smoking

Silverman Playfully Tries to Stop Corwell from Smoking

Simon Cowell, 55, together with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, 37, were participating in a charity ball last week on Wednesday. Lauren was looking amazing in a silver asymmetric silk dress. When she arrived she looked happy and delighted. The images below reveal her unique charm...

Bon Jovi and His Son

Bon Jovi’s Son Smoked Cigar on Cuba

It was revealed that in 2013, the development director of Brooklyn’s exclusive Poly Prep high school took to Cuba two students on a crazy trip with alcohol and cigars. The unusual thing with the trip is that it was paid from school money and presented...