Cigarette Butt

Plastic from Cigarettes Litter?

According to  TerraCycle, the UK wants to implement a new project which will help to reduce cigarettes litter in public spaces. The talk is about recycling cigarette butts into new plastic products. Cigarette butts are most common litter from smoking. It is found at nearly three-quarters (73%) of areas examined by anti-smoking activists. Those areas […]

Quit Smoking

What Cessation Methods are Most Effective?

Data shows that today 42 million Americans smoke and among them almost 70% want to quit. There are different smoking cessation methods, but which of them are most effective? Newest researches say that most effective methods to quit smoking are behavioral interventions (phone counseling, self-help...

Zayn Malik

What is Zayn Malik Smoking?

Recently Zayn Malik posted on Instagram an image which made his fans just upset. Why? On the black and white image he is smoking a cigarette and fans are asking what kind of cigarette is this. The image of former One Direction member shows him...

Johnny Depp Gets a Kiss Despite Smoking a Cigar

Johnny Depp is an actor well-known for passion for graceful women, travelling and starring in strange Hollywood movies. Recently he showed his love for a different fine thing. He was spotted smoking a cigar while walking on the red carpet during the premiere of the...