68-year-old Woman Quits After Smoking for 40 Years

by Jenny Novac on October 1, 2014

Audrey Shearing

An old woman aged 68 decided to quit after smoking 20 cigarettes daily during 40 years. The talk is about Audrey Shearing from St Mary’s in Oldham, UK, who started smoking at the age of 23. She estimated that in the course of her smoking period of life she smoked totally 292,000 Davidoff Classic cigarettes! However, in order to be healthy he decided to quit.

Today Audrey Shearing is a happy grandmother of six grandchildren but suffers from serious health problems. She got a quality help from NHS and managed to quit smoking after long period of time. Now she feels great after quitting and encourages others to refuse from cigarettes.

She says that after quitting she may walk longer distances and has a good appetite. She feels absolutely different than before.

When she decided to quit, she addressed Pennine Care’s Stop Smoking Service for help. It is Steve Winfield who listened her story and complaints and made a quit programme for her.

Audrey already observed first health improvements and next her aim is to improve by 10% her lung function in the course of next nine months. Besides this, quitting helped Audrey save money from buying cigarettes and spend them on health and other things.

Today in the UK is starting Stoptober, a large anti-smoking campaign and smokers are encouraged to participated in it. In Stoptober 2014 were involved famous English comedians to spread the word about the campaign and attract more smokers to join it. .

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