A look at some of the top smoking nations

by Jenny Novac on October 22, 2012

On October 16, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced a new change on tobacco. Medvedev called to ban tobacco advertisements, to stop smoking in public and to increase the price of a pack. Smoking rates in Russia are amongst the highest in the world, led by the central Pacific island nation of Kiribati where 57% of the adult population are smokers. Other top smoking nations are trying to reduce the number of smokers as well by implementing some rules regarding smoking:

Cigarettes Pile



Almost 52 percent of adult population in Greece smoke. Such famous cigarettes as Marlboro costs $4.80.

Starting with 2009, most tobacco advertising is prohibited with the exception in places where tobacco products are sold, and smoking is not permitted in public places. The smoking ban is broadly not observed, and most public places still allow smoking in their premises.


42 percent of adults in Russia are smokers. Marlboro cigarettes in this country costs $2.

Cigarette advertising is restricted almost everywhere except for marketing drives at bars and printed advertisements that have health warnings. Smoking is banned on trains, airplanes and some other public areas, but is permitted at most bars and clubs. Many cafes and restaurants provide non-smoking places.


40 percent of adult population are smokers. Marlboro pack costs $2.20

Cigarette advertising is prohibited in Albania, and the law forbids smoking in public places such as bars, offices, however the rules are sometimes not observed.


Adult smokers in Bulgaria reach 37%.

Marlboro cigarettes cost $3.50 per pack.

A system launched in 2011 to restrict cigarette advertising is usually disregarded. Smoking celebrities frequently appear on billboard ads. A full ban on smoking in indoor public places was enforced in June, achieving tough opposition from restaurant owners who say that they are losing more than 50 percent of their business.

Czech Republic

Percentage of adults who smoke is 37.


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