Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner Enjoy a Smoking Break in Ischia

by Jenny Novac on July 20, 2015

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, 26, and English musicain Eliot Sumner (aka Coco), 24, are from different countries and belong to different worlds of cultures.

However, latest paparazzi images suggest they found a common language and have much to discuss. The image was made on Italian island of Ischia and it shows that two beauties are smoking cigarettes while talking and laughting.

Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner

Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner

Eliot Sumner

Eliot Sumner is daughter of famous singer Sting and Trudie Styler, who married in 1992 and have four children.

Eliot Sumner is burst into laugher as she is talking to Alicia Vikander while they are sitting in a cafe during a break from the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival.

Alicia felt quite relaxed and wanted to cool down as she lifted her white t-shirt and showed her sports bra.

Alicia Vikander and Eliot Sumner

Alicia Vikander

The actress is present on the Festival to accept the Breakout Actress Of The Year.

However, it is unknown if Eliot is participating in the Festival’s concert or is just attending it.

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