Angel Haze Smoking on Cover of Fault Magazine

by Jenny Novac on March 31, 2014

American rapper Angel Haze released resently new single called Battle Cry which immediately rised in different charts. Angel Haze is the stage name of Raykeea Angel Wilson who released her first EP Reservation for free online in July 2012 and became famous.

Recently she posed smoking for Fault magazine.

Angel Haze for Fault Magazine

Readers will find inside the magazine an interview with her in which Angel speaks about getting rid of demons, becoming a better person, fan love and how she escaped ther unhappy past.

On the cover of the magazine Angel looks relaxed and very fashionable while puffing a tobacco smoke. She is wearing Jean Pierre Braganza trousers, This Is A Lovesong tee, D’Albert jacket and Dr.Marten boots.

Check out some fragments from her interview.

You change, you evolve, and you never want to go back.

I wanted to use music as catharsis…. to rid myself of all my demons and all the shit I could’t deal with alone.

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