Angelina Jolie Smoking in Sydney Hotel

by Jenny Novac on December 1, 2014

Angelina Jolie

Last week American actress Angelina Jolie was caught smoking a cigarette on the balcony in a Sydney hotel, in Australia. She began to smoke right after an argy-bargy  with her husband Brad Pitt .

The information was reported by weekly magazine In Touch, who wrote that  Angelina Jolie was seen smoking after undergoing two times an operation of  mastectomy in order to prevent development of cancer.

Angelina and Brad were standing together on a balcony of the InterContinental Hotel on November 17, and they were seen talking quite lively before Brad walked away.

An eye witness who saw the whole scene told: “When Brad threw up his arms you could see the frustration on his face. He was clearly exasperated with her. They kept talking over each other and putting their hands up in anger. They were upset but getting nowhere. Angelina looked like she was on the verge of tears.”

On the image you may shee she is like crying.

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