Artist David Hockney Makes Pictures of Ashtrays

by Jenny Novac on January 15, 2014

David Hockney with a Cigarette

76-year-old artist David Hockney, who is also known as activist for smokers’ rights, came up with a self-portrait where he is smoking a cigarette and a painting of cigarette butts in an ashtray on a table. The images are created on an iPad.

Famous modern painter refused from paintings of landscapes and instead started to paint ashtrays.

David Hockney Paints Ashtray

He has created these works for a new book which expresses against the dangers of passive smoking.  The book is written by John Staddon, an American pro-tobacco campaigner, and is called “Unlucky Strike: Private Health And The Science, Law And Politics Of Smoking.”   Hockney and Staddon met in 2013 and decided to work on the project which claims that dangers of passive smoking are too exaggerated.

In his foreword to the book Hockney writes: “Life is a killer, we all get only one lifetime and there is only now. ”

“This is my excuse for smoking, but do I really need one if I enjoy it? I have smoked for 60 years, so why stop now?”

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