Benefits of Smoking

by Jenny Novac on April 4, 2012

Whenever two people talk about cigarettes, there is a 95% chance they will talk about its injurious effect on health. People never talk about the benefits of smoking; most of the people think that cigarettes have no benefits. I guess this is because of the “Cigarette is injurious to health” typed on a cigarette pack. Everything has pros and cons, and so does cigarette. Let’s have a quick look on the benefits cigarette has.

Smoking Lady

Woman smoking a cigarette

Relieves stress:

You have already heard it that most of the smokers, smoke because they have some stress or problems. Cigarette is a very good stress reliever. It has nicotine in it, when one smokes, endorphin is released from the brain that causes a happy feeling and reduces stress.

You get some time:

Most of the people while smoking move to some terrace or lawn, it brings them fresh air, allows them to have a look at the beautiful nature. They can think about their problems from a better point of view. It acts as break from the tiring work.

Low risk of Parkinson’s disease:

It has been seen that the people who smoke have a less risk of Parkinson’s disease, they are more protected from Parkinson’s disease, then a normal person is. The longer and the more one smokes, the less he is likely to have Parkinson’s disease.

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