Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

by Jenny Novac on August 14, 2013

apps to quit smoking

1. Quit Now: My QuitBuddy
Android, iPhone
The app was developed by Australian National Preventive Health Agency. It provides a number of useful tools to quit smoking. A compact readout displays information about how many cigarettes you haven not smoked and how much tar you have avoided. There is a special button which leads to the national Quitline or a responsable friend.

2. QuitNow!
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry
The app will keep you motivated in an interesting way and this is its main advantage. For example, it informs you about how long it’s been since you last smoked a cigarette and the money you have saved. Also it shows how much your health has improved since you quitted smoking. Besides this, the app has Facebook and Twitter integration and built-in community.

 3. Livestrong MyQuit Coach
The app is inspired by  Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong fitness brandand it works greatly for those who want to quit. It uses personal approach by creating a personalised plan to help everyone quit smoking either straight away or by a certain date. The app tracks smoker’s progress and fixes them hourly, daily and monthly in charts. Besides this, you receive achievement badges after each progress.

 4. My Last Cigarette
iPad, iPhone
The app is good for many useful stats and facts about smoking which will help you quit smoking. You enter your smoking habits and then you get updates in real-time about your expected improvements in savings, circulatory and lung functions, lifetime. Besides this, it displays your current carbon monoxide and nicotine and levels.

5. Quit Smoking Now with Max Kirsten
iPad ($7.49), iPhone ($7.49), Android  ($4.99)
In case you tried apps mentioned above and nothing works for you, then you should try  hypnotherapy. The app gets you onto famous in the entire world clinical hypnotherapist’s Max Kirsten’s program. It includes video and audion hypnotherapy sessions, eBooks and guides. Hoellywood actor Ewan McGregor used this program to quit smoking.

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