Bon Jovi’s Son Smoked Cigar on Cuba

by Jenny Novac on June 3, 2015

Bon Jovi and His Son

It was revealed that in 2013, the development director of Brooklyn’s exclusive Poly Prep high school took to Cuba two students on a crazy trip with alcohol and cigars. The unusual thing with the trip is that it was paid from school money and presented as a class trip.

The talk is about Steven Andersen, who took to Cuba his son and  his son’s best friend, who is the son of famous rocker Bon Jovi. Yeah, Andersen’s son Sebastian and Bon Jovi’s Jesse are friends and were both present on Cuba trip.

L isa Della Pietra works at Poly Prep and claims that Andersen used school money for the trip. She says that parents pay thousands of dollars to get a quality education, and it is a shame that the school is mixed up in such a scandal. It would certainly sully reputation of the school.

The public was alarmed with images posted on Instagram by Sebastian Andersen. For example, he uploaded a common photo of him and Bongiovi smoking a cigar inside a restaurant in Cuba and wrote: ‘First night in paradise #cuba’. Besides this, he uploaded photos of a box of Cuban cigars, some rooftop balconies and a pool.

However, Lisa Della Pietra says even more. She claims thet on their parties there were present prostitutes paid from school money!

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