British American Tobacco convicted of illegal advertising in Strasbourg

by Jenny Novac on October 13, 2011

British American Tobacco France was condemned by the Court of Appeal of Colmar for illegal advertising of tobacco on the occasion of the European Fair of Strasbourg in 2004, said on Tuesday with the court.

BAT France

British American Tobacco France

It will pay to the plaintiff, the association rights of nonsmokers (DNF), 10,000 euros in damages.

When the European Fair of Strasbourg in 2004, British American Tobacco France (BAT France) was used for his sales booth dedicated to tobacco a background of a desert landscape crossed by a two-lane road.

The concepts of freedom, travel, back to nature associated with the word tobacco is a propaganda product, said the Court of Appeal, reversing the decision of acquittal made ​​at first instance by the criminal court in Strasbourg in April 2010.

However, it has confirmed the release of Philips Morris France, also referred to DNF, saying the only use of color by this company related to its products on the stand at this fair was not even an advertisement.

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