Bruce Jenner Marks 65th Birthday with a Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on November 3, 2014

Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian

Bruce Jenner, former American Olympic champion, on October 28 celebrated his 65th birthday in an unusual way. He polished his nails in pink and was caught smoking a slimcigarette in his car.

The reason for the pink nails is that Bruce wants to change his gender. He has two sons, Brandon and Brody, who have nothing against it.

Bruce Jenner

Recently, in September 2014, he officially divorced with Kris Kardashian with whom he was married since 1991. Probably this fact made him fall into depression and now he does not know who is he. The identity crisis makes him polish nails, shave his leags and grow his hair.

Bruce Jenner in his youth was a track and field athlete and today is motivational speaker, businessman and television personality In 1979 he won a golden medal in Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada.

Athlete Bruce Jenner


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