Carine Roitfeld Breaks Statement to ‘Never Use a Cigarette’ in Latest CR Fashion Book Editorial

by Jenny Novac on April 8, 2013

Carine Roitfeld forgot her promise not to use cigarettes in shoots

Vogue Smoking Edition

Smoking models in the latest Vogue issue

One year and a half passed since Carine Roitfeld promised to “never use a cigarette again in any shoot,” but it appears like Roitfeld may have already overlooked her statement.

Roitfeld mentioned her recent anti-tobacco position to Vogue back in August 2011 stating:

“If your girl is smoking a cigarette, [your readers] can say, Oh, my God, it’s smart to smoke a cigarette, it’s good for the look, so I’m going to have one, too. And it’s totally stupid. It’s an easy solution to make a picture more interesting, but it’s not the only solution. And now it’s like, forgive me for all these cigarettes I’ve put in all these issues.”

The most recent topic in CR Fashion Book has involved not one, not two, but three tobacco products in an editorial called “Once Upon a Dance.”

Photographed by Kacper Kasprzyk, starring Daria Strokous and dancer David Hallberg, the story demonstrates Strokous as a “fearless instructor” directing Hallberg through the steps. She usually does this with a cigarette hanging from her fingers or lips.

Roitfeld lasted longer than it may be awaited she would as smoking was a staple prop during her period at Vogue Paris. And it is imagined every nicotine addict is permitted to a relapse or two. Plus, Strokous performs the part to perfection, and when we think about it, it’s difficult to imagine an article like this without cigarettes.

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