Cartons will reflect dangers of smoking

by Jenny Novac on June 29, 2011

Rotting teeth, decaying lungs and other gruesome images won’t deter smokers from their addiction, according to local convenience store managers.

Cartons will reflect dangers of smoking1

Nine outcomes of the habit will be slapped on cigarette boxes by September 2012. Representing one step by the federal drug administration to reduce the most preventable risk to human health, the new labels mark the first change to cigarette warnings in more than a quarter of a century.

Store managers who witness tobacco transactions every day, universally feel the labels will do nothing to sway smokers.

“If someone’s gonna smoke, they’re gonna smoke,” said Rhonda Miranowski, manager of the Blazer in Breckenridge.

In some cases can tip the balance between half-hearted smokers and the dedicated ones.

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