Casinos able to cash in on smokers

by Jenny Novac on June 25, 2012

Smoking in public buildings everywhere in Indiana will be illegal in a week.

It is not a news or surprise for people in Fort Wayne – many a year smoking in bars, restaurants or any other public area in the city was banned.

Smoking In Casino

An adult woman smoking in casino

When the city enacted its total smoking ban, not everyone liked it. People said that owners of restaurants or bars should decide themselves whether to accept a smoking ban in their building, and by-turn visitors could decide in which place to go.

But there are people who accepted smoking ban. They said that people who worked in bars and restaurants are exposed to secondhand smoke. Passive smoking is bad for their health as well as active smoking for smokers. But they had no choice because they want to save their jobs.

That is why smoking was banned for the sake of people’s health.

People believe that the Indiana’s ban is also prompted by public health concerns as it is necessary to protect people from passive smoking that smokers create when they puff away.

Indiana is excluding few places.

Private rooms in nursing homes are set apart, apparently because those places are substantially homes.

Bars are exclusion, apparently because visitors of those places are 21 or older.

And ultimately, casinos are exclusion. The exclusion for smoking in casinos extremely troubles because it supposes people have a legislature that is willing to fob off its principles on everybody – except those who produce huge amounts of tax income for the state. The government does not want to risk in doing something to provoke the casinos.

The money produced by casinos decreased in the course of 2008 and 2009 during the depths of the economic crisis, but the decrease has ended, and the total tax income, despite the crisis, is still big.

23 million people have visited casinos this year – these are people who pass through the turnstiles at casinos. They give $3 each for the state, even if they don’t bet.

In accordance with the Indiana Gaming Commission only in May, the Indiana’s casinos paid $78.7 million in various taxes. Up to date this year (casinos’ taxes are considered in a year that runs from July 1 to June 30), the various casinos in Indiana have paid $750 million in taxes.

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