Cigarette Butt

Plastic from Cigarettes Litter?

According to  TerraCycle, the UK wants to implement a new project which will help to reduce cigarettes litter in public spaces. The talk is about recycling cigarette butts into new plastic products. Cigarette butts are most common litter from smoking. It is found at nearly three-quarters (73%) of areas examined by anti-smoking activists. Those areas […]


Former Smoker Supports Smoke-Free Bristol

An old lady in Bristol, who smoked the biggest part of her life (58 years!) and normally used around 70 cigarettes on the daily basis, said she welcomes the idea to voluntary prohibit smoking in two major city squares.  The talk is about Kathleen Butt,...


People Smoke Despite Tobacco Regulations

Mark Twain is frequently quoted by people who want to quit as he said  “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know, because I’ve done it thousands of times.” Samuel Jones, aged 51, was standing outside the Senator Hotel office building...

Richard Overton,

Oldest American Veteran Smokes and Drinks

Texan Richard Overton, aged 108, today is the oldest living veteran in the USA, and despite his age he continues to be active in everyday life. Last week, after Overton participated in Austin’s Veteran’s Day Parade as a grand marshal, he was relaxing on the...


Smoke-Free Week in New Orleans

District B City councilwoman LaToya Cantrell in July 2014 proposed to introduce smoking ban in city bars starting from current autumn. Earlier, on August, there was adopted a statewide anti-smoking law in Louisiana, which prohibits smoking on college and university campuses. Thus Tulane University became...


Reasons Why People Smoke

1. To look cool When people see smoking celebrities on TV or images, they find it cool and sexy. When a cool person smokes, the act of smoking itself becomes cool. 2. To lose weight It was found that smokers weigh 7 pounds less than...

Smoking Student

Is Smoking Ban Working at SDSU?

At the beginning of the year, San Diego State University adopted a smoke-free policy which prohibits smoking on campus. The measure was taken in order to create a healthy environment on the university grounds. Since its enforcement passed several months, but students and faculty staff...

Smoking Woman

No More Smoking in Arizona Housing Units

Today more and more individual owners and apartment-management companies restrict or totally prohibit smoking in apartment units. The trend becomes more and more popular in the USA. Why multi-housing units do adopt these bans? There are may reasons for it. Here the talk is about...