Audrey Shearing

68-year-old Woman Quits After Smoking for 40 Years

An old woman aged 68 decided to quit after smoking 20 cigarettes daily during 40 years. The talk is about Audrey Shearing from St Mary’s in Oldham, UK, who started smoking at the age of 23. She estimated that in the course of her smoking period of life she smoked totally 292,000 Davidoff Classic cigarettes! […]

No Smoking

More Massachusetts Universities Become Smoke-Free

According to The Harvard Crimson, today more and more universities and colleges in the USA become smoke-free and there are less areas for people to smoke their cigarettes. Starting from August 15, Harvard Yard became a tobacco and smoke-free zone. It was the decision of...

Smoking Woman

Teens in the USA are Smoking Less

The latest report reveals that rates of smoking cigarettes, fighting and having sex among high school students are dropping.  The survey made in 2013 found that smoking rates among students dropped to 15.7%. The government’s aim is to achieve 16% or less by 2020 with...

Educated People

Why the Highly-Educated Don’t Smoke

Latest study by Yale University revealed the reason why adult people with college degrees are much less likely to smoke cigarettes than the rest of the population. The study appears in the journal Social Science Research. A 2009 report by the Centers for Disease Control...


Match.Com Survey on Smoking and Dating

A recent survey by and Pfizer showed that single smokers may want to consider giving up smoking when they want to find love. 9 respondents out of 10 (89%) told that they prefer not to date someone who smokes. On the question «Which actions...

David Hockney with a Cigarette

Artist David Hockney Makes Pictures of Ashtrays

76-year-old artist David Hockney, who is also known as activist for smokers’ rights, came up with a self-portrait where he is smoking a cigarette and a painting of cigarette butts in an ashtray on a table. The images are created on an iPad. Famous modern...

cigarette butts

In Fort Collins Old Cigarette Butts to Be Recycled

It is expected that soon Fort Collins would become free of cigarette butts that are left everywhere by smokers. In the course of the new recycling pilot program this summer and autumn city workers gathered more than140,000 cigarette butts from around Old Town. The butts...

Sneakers made of cigarette packs

Sneakers Made Of Cigarette Packs

Recently designer Jason Ruff released his latest excellent project. This time he made perfect little replicas of classic Nike high-tops using materials found in packs of well-known cigarette brands. Ruff describes the collection as “mixing the unattainable objects of my youth”. That is, sneakers and...