Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Portrait Using Cigarette Ash

Fans of Brad Pitt may enjoy in London’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not a very unusual actor’s portrait made by Brad from cigarette ashes. These days Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is one of most popular tourist attractions and there is found many other unusual paintings along with this one of Brad Pitt. For example, […]

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Wants to Start Smoking Again

Leonard Cohen, the legendary rock star, said ti his thousand fans at his concert in Birmingham that the next year he is going to mark his 80th birthday by starting smoking again. The concert took place LG Arena on Sunday, September 8, and there were...

cigarette smoke

McClain Still Smokes at His 102

Levie Russell McClain aged 102 is a smoker.  He started to smoke cigarettes at 16 when he went to work in a cotton factory. Recently he celebrated his 102 birthday and most of his life he lived in Madison County. His son, Bill McClain, says...

Heidi Range at Liverpool Music Awards

Heidi Range in a Dress Embellished with Cigarettes and Cocktails at Liverpool Music Awards

The Liverpool Music Awards gives awards to best local musicians and those who work behind the scenes in the local music industry. The One’s to Watch award of this year was dedicated to Michael Molloy who tragically died in a crash at only 18 years...

quit smoking

Tobacco Quitline Cuts Services

Beginning from this week, the Tobacco Quitline will considerably reduce services. Thus it will not provide anymore a full, free support for people who want to quit smoking or using tobacco. Up to Thursday, Americans  can use the next telephone number for info and free...

V8 vintage Winfield tobacco ad cleared by HD of breaking ad laws

The Health Department and Ageing has removed the official V8 Supercars site of breaking the tight laws on the marketing tobacco after the website published historic pictures of a car intensely branded with Winfield branding. The V8 Supercars Saturday Sleuthing feature involved a number of...

Smoking In Pregnancy

Smoking Test to Be Given to Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should pass tests to verify whether they are smoking or not in the course of their pregnancy, new NHS guidance is suggesting. A predicted 18% of women smoke being pregnant, which is considered to result in a low birth weight for their infants...

Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco

Sarah Palin uses tobacco as prop in NRA address

Why is Sarah Palin supporting a tin of chewing tobacco? That’s what guests at last weekend’s National Rifle Association convention in Houston might have questioned if they weren’t giving tumble to the speeches. Palin was using the chewing tobacco as a visual support in her...