Hobbit Gandalf Smoking

Hobbit film ‘advertises smoking’ to youngsters

One of the major anti-smoking scientists and campaigners around the world has charged the New Zealand Government of hypocrisy and sabotaging its own attempts to remove cigarette consumption by 2025. Prof Stanton Glantz explained the New Zealand Government was investing huge amounts of money on anti-smoking promotion, yet it had spent vast amounts as tax […]

Hana Mae Lee demonstrates a strange cigarette hat at MTV Movie Awards

Hana Mae Lee had the right idea with her figure-hugging tailored frock. But the outfit together with a strange cigarette-butt hat made Hana Mae Lee’s entire ensemble go down hill. Looking to be emulous of the likes of Lady Gaga and her famous meat dress,...

Smoking Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow unveils secret vices: Cigarettes and Botox

Gwyneth Paltrow accepts the fact that her pleasure is “smoking one cigarette per week” and says Botox made her looking “like Joan Rivers” The American actress is famous for her healthy lifestyle – from cook books, health cleanses, her lifestyle blog Goop, and fitness studios...


Maldives to implement special license to import tobacco

A special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products implemented in the Maldives A modification has been implemented to the regulation and involved in the government gazette which would find the demand of a special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products into the Maldives....

Smoking Boy Solomon Islands

Picture of child smoking in Solomon Islands

An online picture of a Solomon Islands smoking boy smoking caused intense discussion over children’s rights and child health The boy, whose picture was published on a Solomon Islands Facebook page, is found to be around six or seven years old. The Forum Solomon Islands...

Imperial Tobacco Products

Imperial Tobacco announces new UK general manager

Imperial Tobacco UK has made an announcement of the appointment of Eugene Walsh in line of duty of UK general manager. The company said that Walsh will work in place of Amal Pramanik who has been employed as divisional director with Imperial Tobacco Group. Imperial...

Smoking Woman

Why do people in the north of England smoke more?

The north of England has always had comparatively high smoking rates, although high rates do not actually mean that people in the north are using cigarettes “more”. To realize the true overview, it is necessary to ask what conditions are special to the north of...

madonna Smoking

Madonna Smokes a Cigarette on Stage Following Outrage at Fans

Madonna smoking cigarettes on stage? The smoking was not a good step where there is performing and magnificent wigs included! As Madonna is ending her MDNA tour in South America last week, she triggered quite a stir several days ago when she forced some her...