Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Bowls with Cigarettes on Olsen’s Wedding

At the end of last week, the actress Mary-Kate Olsen had a wedding with her beloved Olivier Sarkozy, a French banker aged 46. The relationship between the 29-years-old actress and the baknker started in 2012. They became engaged in 2014 and live in New York. Olivier is half-brother of former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy. […]

Kate Winslet Smoking in Triple 9

Kate Winslet Smoking in Triple 9

Kate Winslet has featured in the film called The Dressmaker, where she plays a glamorous designer. Now she’s on promotion trail with the film. One more new movie with Kate is on Post-production. The talk is about Triple 9 of action genre. Here she plays...

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Gave Up Smoking

English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran started smoking when he was teenager and became a heavy smokers in his adulthood. He used tobacco for years and recently he revealed that managed to quit the habit. During his latest appearence on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and...

Zoe Kravitz Smoking in New York

Zoe Kravitz Smoking in New York

Famous musician Lenny Kravitz is well known for an eccentric sense of style. So his daughter Zoe Kravitz has an example to inspire from and be as eccentric. At the beginning of the current week the 26-years-old actress was photographed in New York by paparazzi...

Zayn Malik

What is Zayn Malik Smoking?

Recently Zayn Malik posted on Instagram an image which made his fans just upset. Why? On the black and white image he is smoking a cigarette and fans are asking what kind of cigarette is this. The image of former One Direction member shows him...

Johnny Depp Gets a Kiss Despite Smoking a Cigar

Johnny Depp is an actor well-known for passion for graceful women, travelling and starring in strange Hollywood movies. Recently he showed his love for a different fine thing. He was spotted smoking a cigar while walking on the red carpet during the premiere of the...

Bella Hadid Has a Cigarette Break After a Samsung Event

18-years-old model Bella Hadid became a new face of Samsung Mobile and she celebrated her new job at the tech brand’s pop up shop found in New York. At the event she was dressed in a creamy mini dress with long sleeves and had a...

Ben Affleck Smoking

Ben Affleck Smokes a Cigarette Outside His Home

After meeting with his ex wife Jennifer Garner and their kids, Ben Affleck was spotted with a cigarette. In June the couple announced about their divorce. On the images Ben has a swollen face and wild hair.