Charlize Theron on M Magazine

Charlize Theron with Cigarette in M Magazine

Latest photos of actress Charlize Theron prove that she is looking very beautiful at her 39 years old. She is looking hotter than ever. Charlize covers the May issue of M Magazine. She looks just amazing in her black leather jacket by Christian Dior. She is wearing nothing under it. Those images are perfectly showing […]

Simon Cowell

Did Simon Cowell Manage to Quit?

The 55-year-old Simon Cowell wanted to stop smoking, but his attempt failed and he started to smoke again. More than one year ago he said he wants to quit because his girlfriend Lauren Silverman is pregnant. Now his baby Eric is 14 month old and...

Lady Gaga Smoking

Gaga Smoking While Preparations for Wedding

Lady Gaga received an engagement ring and accepted marriage proposal from her long-term boyfriend Taylor Kinney on Valentine’s Day. They became lovers four years ago when the actor starred in her You and I music video. Seems like she already started preparations for the wedding...

Salma Hayek Smoking

Salma Hayek Puffing Out in London

Salma Hayek several years ago told about her plan to quit smoking for good, but seems like she started smoking again. Last week she was photographed puffing out a cigarette! She was caught smoking in London at the opening of Christopher Kane’s flagship store. The...

Audrey Hepburn Smoking

Pictures of Smoking Celebrities of 20th Century

There were times when smoking cigarettes was fashionable. Many smoked because it was considered okay by the society. Normally that celebrities used cigarettes and photographed with them.                    

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith Showing Slim Shape While Puffing a Cigarette

Today the world’s attention is focused on the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey, in which major role is played by Dakota Johnson, the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. However, mother is in attention too. The famous actress was recently photographed on the street....

Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson Used Hookah in Youth

Roy Hodgson, former football player and the manager of the England national football team, told that he is not worried with the fact that Jack Wilshere uses a hookah pipe, and confesses he did the same in his youth. Earlier this month, Arsenal midfielder Wilshere...

Kristen Stewart with a Cigarette

Kristen Stewart Appears with a Cigarette in a Magazine

Kristen Stewart is a Hollywood non-mainstream actress who has enough courage to say what she really thinks. She never conforms to the Hollywood norm which makes her unusual lady. In her recent interview to Wonderland magazine she told that women should not be afraid to...