Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Smoking in New Video

Jennifer Lopez released resently a new video for the single, Booty. The video arised a lot of critics from fans because they found it too sexually explicit. Booty features young rapper Iggy Azalea and they toghter are showing their bodies. Lopez is wearing an extremely sexy body suit which uncovers most parties of her body! […]

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Starts Smoking at 80

After a long pause Leonard Cohen came back to stage. He says that singing and touring had improved his mood. Yeasterday he turned 80, and he says: “Well, getting back on the road has improved my mood considerably because I was never good at civilian...

Melanie Griffith with Cigar

Melanie Griffith Poses With a Cigar

Last week the famous Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith was seen hanging out with her friends in New York City.  The evening began with a dinner with her friends at Dutch restaurant in Soho, after which they went to Little Italy for the Annual Feast of...

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Quit Smoking

Lindsay Lohan wants to quit smoking and for that purpose she wants to appeal to hypnotherapy. Starting from September 24, the actress will perform in David Mamet’s play, “Speed-the-Plow” in London and she wants to get rid of smoking Vogue Super Slims before premiere. The...

Simon Cowell Smoking

Male Celebrities Who Smoke

51-years-old Johnny Depp is as attractive as tens years ago. He loves to smoke cigarettes and frequently is seen in a white cloud of tobacco smoke. In one of his latest inteviews he said that he smokes thousand cigarettes a day and wants to increase...

Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall: I Smoke, I Drink, I Like Wine

Health experts say that smoking, drinking and sunbathing accelerate aging. However, this cannot be attributed to famous American model and actress Jerry Hall. Recently in an inteview to Good Housekeeping magazine she told that she looks pretty good at her age due to alcohol, Vogue...

Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Smoking While Celebrating High School Graduation

For young people high school graduation is a great event worth to be celebrated in a special way. The change means a new stage in their life and soon they will enter a college or university and become students. Like other young people, Madonna’s daughter...

Jeremy Mathieu

Will Jeremy Mathieu Refuse from Smoking?

Famous football club Barcelona aquired recenly a new player, Jeremy Mathieu, who will play for the club for the next four seasons. The club payed £15.9m for the former centre-back from Valencia who is going to replace Carles Puyol.  Jeremy Mathieu is a smoker and...