Quit Smoking

What Cessation Methods are Most Effective?

Data shows that today 42 million Americans smoke and among them almost 70% want to quit. There are different smoking cessation methods, but which of them are most effective? Newest researches say that most effective methods to quit smoking are behavioral interventions (phone counseling, self-help methods, one-on-one counseling) and medications (bupropion, nicotine replacement, varenicline). These […]

Using Smartphone

Use My QuitBuddy for Smoking Cessation

There was launched a new application for those who wants to quit smoking. The talk is about app called My QuitBuddy. With My QuitBuddy you choose when to start your personal quitting program. You may choose to quit smoking right now or you may establish...

Quit Smoking

How to Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms During Cessation

1. During the first days of cessation better technique to ease withdrawal symptoms is deep breating. It is a proven effective method, therefore everytime you feel a craving for cigarettes you should take a very deep breath and then slowly exhale the air. Repeat this...


Twitter Helpful for Quitting

A study by UC Irvine and Stanford University found that smokers involved in a smoking cessation program, in the course of which they do send each other tweets on a regular basis achive more success in quitting. It turned out that daily tweets which encourage...

No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day in the UK

On March 11 there will be No Smoking Day in the UK. Prior to this day there was released data by a research which reveals that smoking people have a 70% increased risk of depression and anxiety in comparison with those who do not smoke....

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg, the Face of New Anti-Smoking App

The famous Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg became the face for new quit smoking app found at nobituary.com. Using the site, users create an optimistic message for a family member or friend who smokes. The message looks like a newspaper necrologue and its aim is to...

Quit Smoking

Brain Scan May Help Smokers Quit

People who use cigarettes know that quitting is difficult, especially if you smoke for years. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say they found an effective way to quit. The talk is about quick brain scan. The research was funded by Pennsylvania Department of Health...

Golden Rain Tree

Cytisine May be Used in Smoking Cessation

Latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine published a study which found that an extract from golden rain tree growing in Central and Eastern Europe may help smokers quit. Scientists found that this extract contains a substance called  cytisine that is similar to nicotine,...