Quit Smoking

Smokers Learn to Stop Smoking During their Sleep

Smokers know how difficult is to quit, because cigarettes contain substance nicotine which causes addiction. Smokers are aware enough about health risks of their habit. Some of them want to quit for good, others do not. Data shows that annually more than one third of smokers at least once try to stop smoking and only […]


Omega-3 Reduces Cravings for Cigarettes

A new research found that Omega-3 supplements can help people to quit smoking. It turned out that fatty acids do reduce cravings for nicotine. In the course of the research one group of smokers consumed omega-3 capsules on the daily basis and second group of...


It’s Stoptober! Quit Smoking Now!

1. Understand why you began to smoke. There are dufferent reasons why people start smoking cigarettes. These are stress, alcohol, friends who smoke. Understanding the reasons that make you want a cigarette, will help you to avoid these situations and further to refuse from tobacco...


Comedians to Encourage Smokers to Quit

The Stoptober of 2014 will be supported and promoted by famous TV presenter and comedian Paddy McGuinness and his team: Andi Osho, Al Murray, Simon Brodkin. Stoptober offers a number of free tools for everyone who wants to quit. The anti-smoking campaign starts in October...

Quit Smoking

Hospital Discharge a Perfect Time to Quit

A study revealed that a specially developed program may help smokers to quit after they were discharged from hospital, because that is a perfect time for quitting. In the course of the study patients received free quit-smoking drugs. Besides this, the experimental program included automated...

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Texting Helps to Quit Smoking

These days there are a lot of smoking cessations tools for those who want to quit: nicotine patches, nicotine gums, medications, quit smoking lines, support groups, quit smoking applications for smartphones. Recently one more tool appeared. Text messaging. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published...

Smoking Woman

Most Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

1. Nicotine replacement therapy Nicotine replacement therapy includes nicotine gum, patches and inhalers. The therapy needs no prescription and is cheap enough in comparison with medications. They are available for everyone and may be found in stores and online. A pack of gums contains 170...


CDC Tips Ads Encourages People to Quit

For the third time the CDC launches in the USA its education campaign Tips From Former Smokers. American people will find out from former smokers what are the effects of smoking. One of them is Terrie Hall who will tell her story which is expected...