Physical Activity Helps to Quit Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on health and most people are aware about it. 77 percent of adults in Scotland protect themselves from negative effects of smoking by choosing not to smoke. It was estimated that 67 percent of smokers in the UK would like to give up smoking. It is difficult to quit, therefore today […]

Smoking Santa

10 Holiday Quit Smoking Tips

1. Believe you can do it Put down your reasons for quitting smoking and have it with you so that you could refer to as often as possible. Sometimes holiday joy may be suppressed by stress and list with your reasons would greatly help you...

St. John’s Wort

Five Herbs to Help Stop Smoking

St. John’s Wort  (on the image) The herb is commonly used in depression treatments. A research showed it may help smokers to quit. In the study participated 24 people who smoked cigarettes on the daily basis. During the study they took two times a day...

pregnant woman on a treadmill

Physical Activity May Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

A recent study made in Canada showed that fast walking may help pregnant females who want to quit smoking to stave off tobacco cravings for a period of time. A research made previously demonstrated that physical activity can interrupt nicotine cravings for both women and...

Social Networking

Social Networking Sites May Help Quit Smoking

A new study found that smokers who use social networking sites for quitting smoking achieve success due to creation of supporting groups from like-minded people. These virtual connections increase smoker’s chances to kick their habit.  The finding is based on answers of 252 users of...

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Online Tools To Quit Smoking

We Quit Online Forum On the Stop Smoking Forum you will find thousands of people who are quitting. Join and share your experience and tips. Forum is available any time of day and is perfect for chatting with other smokers. It is created by the...

apps to quit smoking

Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

1. Quit Now: My QuitBuddy Android, iPhone Free The app was developed by Australian National Preventive Health Agency. It provides a number of useful tools to quit smoking. A compact readout displays information about how many cigarettes you haven not smoked and how much tar...

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Ways To Quit Smoking

You feel that you are so addicted to cigarettes that cannot imagine your life without them. Today are known effects cigarettes have on human body, therefore the desire to quit smoking is natural. People are familiar enough with health complications associated with smoking. Modern people...