T2 Cylinder Cigarette Lighter by Dieter Rams

T2 Cylinder Cigarette Lighter by Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams is a famous German designer who worked for Braun company. He was born in Wiesbaden, Hessen Germany, and on May 20 he celebrated 82 years old. Despite success in design, Dieter Rams always considered himself an architect. He studied interior design and architecture in Wiesbaden School of Art and graduted it in 1953. […]

Leather Poach

Hottest Smoking Accessory for Stylish People

Health experts say that smoking is bad for health, however, it does not prevent people from smoking. Many people love to smoke and do not want to quit as smoking helps them to relieve from stress and feel relaxed. Tobacco market offers a wide range...

Woman with a Cigarette Holder

Why to Use a Cigarette Holder?

Do not confuse cigarette holder with a cigarette case. These are two different things for two different purposes. A cigarette holder is the accessory used for smoking a single cigarette.  A cigarette case is used to hold many cigarettes for the purpose of carrying. People...


Stop Smoking with a Lighter!

People like to invent something new and like to improve existing things to make them work better. So is with things helping to quit smoking. Market offers you a number of things for quitting: nicotine gums and patches, e-cigarettes, old cold-turkey and even hypnosis. Previously,...


Mynus Will Help You to Quit Smoking

Mynus is a new revolutionary device created for smokers who want to quit once and forever. The device will give cigarette smokers an absolutely new and effective way to quit. As you see on images, Mynus is a small, black, sleek-looking device, which acts in...


Hyundai Replaces Car Cigarette Lighters With USB Ports

Famous car maker Hyundai from South Korea has declared recently that it will replace cigarette lighter sockets with USB power points in cars made for home market. The decision would touch all SUVs and passenger cars sold in Korea from October. The decision is based...

Lamborghini Lighter

Lamborghini’s smoky new venture

Merchandising brand Tonino Lamborghini, which has earlier offered the cigar lighters and cutter to help you in flaunting your love for the auto brand has now introduced a new cigarette line. In conglomeration with South Korea’s biggest tobacco producer, KT&G Corporation, Tonino Lamborghini has launched...

Link to Manufacturers,wholesale Distributors And Exporters Of Smoking Accessories In India

Manufacturers,wholesale Distributors And Exporters Of Smoking Accessories In India

Smoking is the practice of burning tobacco and tasting or inhaling the smoke. The style and methods in smoking however differ according to the choice and affordability of the smoker. After burning in flame, the Tobacco produces air soluble Compound called ‘nicotine’ which can be...