Schwarzenegger With a Cigar

Schwarzenegger Puffing a Cigar in Brisbane

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is a fitness fanatic but recent images by paparazzi suggest that he also is a fan of smoking. This week he was seen in Brisbane  puffing away a cigar openly, without an attempt to hide it. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Heather Milligan. It is seen on the image that […]

Fiji Bungalows

Fiji visited by smokers no longer

Smoking in Fiji public places such as restaurants will be banned starting with July 1st A $1,000 fine will be held if a business in Fiji breaks the new rule, which was incorporated according to the Tobacco Control Regulation of 2012. Graphic warning labels will...

Smoking Ban

Russians Doubt Smoking Ban in Public Places

Most Russians do not maintain the government’s step to enforce a total ban on smoking in public places and consider the focus should be on supporting people who smoke give up, a pollster said on January 17. The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament...

No Smoking

Large turnout in Sofia for protest against full smoking ban in restaurants and bars

Yesterday there was a large turnout for a protest outside Parliament in the Bulgarian capital city Sofia against the legislation that became operational in June against a full smoking ban in enclosed public areas such as restaurants and bars. The protest was prepared by a...

Premium Cigars

Plain packaging threatens Dominican Republic’s hard-fought premium position

The Dominican Republic has required the establishment of a panel under the dispute arrangement procedures of the World Trade Organization to examine a challenge to Australia’s plain packaging actions for tobacco products, as outlined by a Marketwire report. The country’s representatives have requested that this...

Downtown Disney

It’s Time for Disney to Ban Smoking

If you are preparing to have fun time at Disney’s shopping district known as “Downtown Disney,” you are best recommended to bring a gas mask. While Disney has sometimes enacted “no smoking” policy at its parks and resort hotels, there is no such real policy...

Smoking Santa

‘Twas the politically correct night before Christmas: Santa’s smoking pipe is axed from famous book

A children’s book author has made furious the American literary members for modifying the 18th-century poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ – better recognized by its first line, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ – by removing any mention or picture of Santa puffing on a...

Stop Smoking

Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Increase Attempts to Quit

Graphic television anti-smoking advertisements make more smokers to make an attempt to give up smoking than less serious advertisements, reported by a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “Harder impacting advertisements worked similarly well, in spite of how much a person wanted...