Parents and Kids

No Smoke-Free Rules in 40% Smokers Homes

Latest study made in the USA demonstrates that in the country in 40% homes of adult smoking parents do not have established smoke-free rules and continue to smoke at homes where their kids are present. Introduction of smoke-free rules at homes help to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke and reduces the risks that […]

Pregnant Woman

E-cigarettes Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Newest study made in the USA revealed that 50% of pregnant women considered that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine, therefore they did not know that e-cigarettes are addictive.  They also believed that use of those devices causes no harm to their fetus. In the sudy...

Smoking in Movie Man Men

Smoking in R-Rated Movies Has No Impact on Kids

Betty Hofstadt in the movie Mad Men is the personage who suffered from negative effects of smoking for more than a decade. But she is not the only one in movie industry. Other well-known personages are Tim Donohue (Donald Sumpter) in The Constant Gardener, Constantine...


E-cigarettes are Not Safe

In one of its recent publications, CHEST claims that electronic cigarettes are not studied so good that we could talk about their exact benefits and risks. Generally, physicians and public health experts have different opinions on them and they may be devided into two groups....

Elderly People

Male Smokers at Higher Risks for Osteoporosis

A study published recently suggests that male smokers are more likely to have osteoporosis and fractures of their vertebrae, than female smokers.  The study was made on middle-aged to elderly people. The results were published in the online journal called Annals of the American Thoracic...

Pregnant Woman

Foetal Exposure to Tobacco Smoke may Result in Diabetes

A new study found that kids exposed to secondhand smoke from their parents while being in mother’s belly have more chances to develop diabetes in their adulthood. It was published in the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. The study was made at...

Pregnant Woman

Program Offers Diapers to Pregnant Smokers who Quit

Brittney Lykes, 24, of Akron, carries twins and she is interested in quitting smoking in order to get diapers.for free. Health department in Summit County, state of Ohio, launches a new program which will help pregnant women to quit their smoking habit for good. The...

Quit Smoking

New Program Helps Poor Americans Quit

Researchers say that new outreach program proves to be effective in helping poor Americans get rid of smoking. They made a study which demonstrated that in the USA smoking rates are high among people with low incomes. These people  are found to have greater difficulty...