Smokers are Encouraged to Eat More Hummus

Campaigners encourage people to refuse from tobacco and replace it with eating hummus.  It may sound quite unusual and even prankish but it is true. The campaign has a serious motive and approach towards the subject. In 2013, the Wall Street Journal wrote that tobacco farmers in Virginia, USA, were starting to refuse from tobacco […]

Smoking Man

Impact of Anti-Smoking Messaging

A new study demonstrates that anti-smoking messaging works differently on different people. Last years in the USA there was discussed the subject of placing graphic images of long-term smoking effects on cigarettes packs. Yeah, the talk is about cancerous lungs and rotten teeth. Specialists claimed...

“Finish It” anti-smoking campaign

New “Finish It” Campaign Aimed at Youth

American Legacy Foundation launched a new anti-smoking ad campaign under the name “Finish It”. It makes part of a large campaign called “Truth”, which was introduced in 2000 and is aimed to make 450,000 teenagers quit smoking. The new anti-smoking advertising transmits to young people...

Quit Smoking

CDC Launches New Anti-Smoking Campaign

Christopher Samuels lives in Richmond, Virginia state, and he remembers how he tried his first cigarettes along with his friends 10 years ago. Years went by and Christopher says he did not quit smoking. He likes smoking abd undestands how horrible it sounds. Especially for...


Vitamin C Good for Babies Born to Pregnant Smokers

When a woman is smoking during her pregnancy it affects her baby in many ways. However, a new study suggests that taking vitamin C supplements may affect positively baby’s health by improving lung function and reducing incidence of wheezing in babies born to smoking women....

Smoking Woman

Obese Women who Smoke do Consume More Sugary Food

A new study found that smoking females who suffer from obesity may have a lowered ability to taste fats and sugars. The study was conducted by Julie Mennella,  a biopsychologist at the Monell Center in Philadelphia, and his peer M. Yanina Pepino, assistant professor of...


Smoking and Mental Health

Based on the results of the latest study, scientists made a conclusion that quitting smoking is good not only for physicla health but also for mental. Scientists analyzed data from 4,800 regular smokers in the USA who participated in 2 surveys made three years apart....

Alyssa Miller

Smoking and Weight

American scientists found out how nicotine inhibits the appetite by switching off the receptors responsable for appetite and food intake. The results of the research were published in Science. Scientists discovered that smoking creates an anorexic effect in particular parts of the brain in mice....