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Quitting Smoking May Improve Mental Health

Often health professonals treating people from mental disorders do ignore patient’s smoking habits. Latest study made by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis demonstrated that people who deal with mood problems can safely give up smoking. Besides this, quitting smoking is connected to improved mental health.  The results of the study is published […]

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Health Impacts of Thirdhand Smoke

When the talk is about secondhand smoke, people may feel it in the air, but thirdhand smoke is a disguised threat. What is thirdhand smoke? This is invisible remnant of tobacco smoke that remains on different surfaces. A recent study found that thirdhand smoke is...


Smoking Can Cause Sleeping Disorders

A study made recently showed that smoking breaks the circadian clock function in the brain and the lungs which results in sleeping disorders and leads to cognitive dysfunction, depression and anxiety, mood disorders. Irfan Rahman from the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of...


Quit Smoking Products Do Not Harm the Heart

Here are wonderful news for those who want to quit smoking. Recently it was found that smoking cessation drugs, nicotine gums and patches do no affect negatively the heart. It was considered before that some products that help people to quit may present a threat...

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Mother’s Smoking May Raise ADHD Risk in Children

A new study conducted in Australia reveals what environmental factors might increase risks for development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Dr. Carol Bower, the author of the study and a senior principal research fellow with the Center for Child Health Research at the University of Western...


Influence of Pro-Smoking Media Messages

A new RAND Corporation study showed that the exposure to just one pro-smoking media message increases in students risks of using tobacco for next 7 days. This data gives new information about the influence of media on smoking. To not that the RAND is a...


What Thirdhand Smoke Is

Most of you heard about secondhand smoke and know about how it affects people, but what do you know about thirdhand smoke? Scientists found that it can be dangerous too. Everyone knows that smoking is no good for his body and living with a smoker...


Top Smoking Myths

Myth #1. Secondhand smoke is not dangerous outdoors Open spaces permit for tobacco smoke to dissolve more effectively and faster, however, it does not mean that secondhand smoke exposure does not have negative effects on human health. Scientists say that exposure to secondhand smoke increases...