Kids with Asthma More Likely Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

Researchers in the USA claim that in spite of large health campaigns, still many people are smoking around children. Data from 2003 to 2010, demonstrates that 50% of all kids aged 6 to 19, including those suffering from asthma, have been exposed to secondhand smoke. According to Academic Pediatrics, for children aged 6 to 11, […]


Smoking and Sex Life

Most people know about risks that tobacco use causes and in spite of this people continue to smoke cigarettes. Will they remain sexy if they do not quit the habit? Surveys conducted in Britain showed that almost half of smokers say they would quit to...


Smoking During Pregnancy May Be Tied to Bipolar Disorder in Adult Child

New study found that kids of women who smoked during their pregnancy may be at higher risk for developing bipolar disorder in their adult age. The findings were published October 1 in the American Journal of Psychiatry. What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a...

pregnant woman is smoking

Many Pregnant Women Smoke in West Virginia

It is quite hard to imagine that in West Virginia women put health of their babies at risk because a great number of them do smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy.  The statement was provided by Dr. Brenda Dawley who is an associate professor in the...

smoking in car

Should Smoking in Cars With Kids be Banned?

A new study reveals that 82% of adults in the USA do support smoking ban in cars when in them are presented kids younger than 13. The survey also found that 87% of adults support smoking ban at businesses that permit kids, and 75% support...

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How To Prevent Children From Smoking

Check out next tips which will help you to prevent your children from smoking. 1.Tell your children about tobacco dangers as often as you may. It is important to keep talking about it over the years. Little kids also understand that smoking is bad. 2....

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Reasons Why Children Smoke

Everyone knows about health risks of tobacco use, but in spite of this modern children and teenagers continue to smoke cigarettes and use chewing tobacco. It is very important to make sure that children understand the risks of tobacco use. In the United States smoking...


Sultanate rated 19th in global report on cigarette package health warnings

Oman, which implemented warning labels on all tobacco products from August 9 this year, has been rated 19th together with other countries in GCC in the ‘Cigarette Package Health Warnings: International Status Report 2012’. The review provides an international analysis, rating 198 countries, setting them...