CDC Launches New Anti-Smoking Campaign

by Jenny Novac on June 30, 2014

Quit Smoking

Christopher Samuels lives in Richmond, Virginia state, and he remembers how he tried his first cigarettes along with his friends 10 years ago. Years went by and Christopher says he did not quit smoking. He likes smoking abd undestands how horrible it sounds.

Especially for such people Centers for Disease Control launched its new anti-smoking campaign called “Tips From Former Smokers”.

The campaign will show famous anti-smoking activist Terrie Hall from North Carolina. She was diagnosed with cancer and already participated in previous videos of the campaign. Videos featuring Terrie Hall were seen more than two million times.  The videos are created so that they could scare smokers and make them refuse from their discount cigarettes.

According to Dave Saunders, the marketing expert, the campaign is very effective. The CDC representatives say that after launching these videos there was reported a significant increase in calls to their hotline from people looking to quit. Smokers are extremely impressed by the stories told by former smokers.

The CDC anti-smoking campaign costs  millions of dollars, and it is very successful and effective. It would be perfect to use the same approach in fighting with alcoholism, obesity and sexually transmitted diseases. However,

Clifford Deal, chairman of surgery for Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, says that in comparison with other categories targeting smokers is easier.

The new anti-smoking campaign is going to be launched from July 2014.

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