CDC Tips Ads Encourages People to Quit

by Jenny Novac on February 10, 2014


For the third time the CDC launches in the USA its education campaign Tips From Former Smokers. American people will find out from former smokers what are the effects of smoking. One of them is Terrie Hall who will tell her story which is expected to have an impact on those who smoke and those who want to start it.

The courage of Terrie Hall helped save many thousands of lives. She told Americans what happened to her after many years of smoking, and became the face of the CDC’s anti-smoking campaign which reminds people about the real consequences that result from smoking cigarettes and exposure to secondhand smoke.

In summer 2013, when organizers planned ads for 2014 anti-smoking campaign, health of Terry has aggravated significantly. Even in this situation Terry did not refuse from participation in the campaign. She insisted that CDC capture footage and bring America to her bedside in her last days of life to demonstrate people the negative effects of smoking.

In September 2013 Terry died from cancer at the age of 53. Another ad participant, Nathan Moose, aged 54, died from the disease caused by secondhand smoke exposure. He was non-smoker but he worket in a casino where smoking was permitted.

Tips campaign was launched in 2012 for the first time. Nathan and Terry ads along with the other Tips ads go on air in February and March. The two first editions of  CDC anti-smoking campaign encouraged millions of smokers to try to quit and saved tens of thousands of lives and millions of dollars. It was estimated that in 2013 because of smoking, the USA spent almost $300 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity.

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