Cigarette Filters

by Jenny Novac on March 21, 2012

No points for guessing, cigarette filters are made to reduce harms from tar and nicotine. We can hardly talk about the efficiencies of cigarette filters without first knowing the types of them and why are they chosen differently by different brands.

Cigarette Filter

Vintage Kent Micronite Cigarettes: Asbestos & Non-asbestos Left: 1952 with crimped crepe paper layers mixed with crocidolite asbestos. Middle: 1957 with dense cellulose-acetate dyed bluish-grey (non-asbestos). Right: 1959 with dense cellulose-acetate and pale tint (also non-asbestos).

Regardless of smokers, cheap cigarettes or discount cigarettes, filters mean just the ends of cigarettes to quite a few of them. It is only those that are informed at least basically, might recognize filters as some sort of filtering unit that removes the dangerous nicotine and tar out of their enjoyment.

Cheap cigarettes and discount cigarettes are being targeted by makers of competing brands and health workers that cheap cigarettes online, discount cigarettes bought at a sale are more hazardous, but studies and analyses prove that filters of premium brands, like Marlboro cigarettes, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims  find no scientific grounds as they release equal quantities of nicotine and tar as does any cheap cigarettes online or a cheap Marlboro does.

Types of Filters for Cigarettes

Cigarette filters are manufactured under five different types:

1. Uniform

2. Tandem

3. Sandwich

4. Mixed

5. Ventilated

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