Davidoff cigarettes -Popular Swiss cigarette brand

by Jenny Novac on July 5, 2011

The cigarettes Davidoff are produced in Germany. The cigarettes Davidoff were produced in 1986 by the German company Reemtsma. They were called by their creator’s name Zino Davidoff. Nowadays these cigarettes are represented by the American blend of Premium tobacco (Virginia, Oriental and Burley).


The founder of Davidoff, the popular German cigarette brand, was born in March, in Ukraine in1930 year . He was born in the Jewish family, his farther, Henri Davidoff, was tobacco merchant or cigarette manufacturer in Kiev.

He learned about the tobacco trading, going through places like Argentina and Brazil, and also he spent two years working on a plantation. And that was the first time, when he encountered Cuban tobacco and cigars. Of course the pipe tobacco smoking is very well spread, too, but every person smokes what he likes the most.

They have a wonderful taste presented in stylish packs and represent Davidoff elegance. The packs have the brand name Davidoff in the center – it is the name that inspires anyone.

The Davidoff cigarettes are distinguished by the following parameters:

An exceptional length of cigarette – 93 mm. It gives to the smoker an advantage to enjoy more delicate taste longer due to a unique length of cigarette and composition of a premium tobacco.

Original Form of the Pack. An octagonal form is chosen because exactly this form cares for safety of cigarettes best of all.

Foil. Fresh air is an enemy of cigarettes. That’s why the tobacco company elaborated a special inner foil that lets maintain an essential medium for freshness and taste of tobacco keeping, giving an extraordinary pleasure while smoking.

Filter. The filter in Davidoff cigarette is a part of the air circulation. Now as the filter of it is also longer than the other cigarettes’ one, the air quenches stronger, that keeps and lets feel each nuance of cigarettes’ tobacco.

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