Different forms of tobacco

by Jenny Novac on November 29, 2012

1 – Cigarettes:

Few Cigarettes

Six cigarettes

Cigarette is the most famous and widely used form of tobacco across the world.

2 – Bidi:


Some bidis

They come in 0.5 gm and are made of dried tobacco leaves.

Bidis are hand made products and are produced in the form of rolls.

It is used most often in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand.

3 – Cigar:

Few cigars

Several cigars

Cigar is made of cured tobacco leaves and bounded by dried tobacco leave.

In order to start smoking the first it is necessary to do is to cut the sealed end of the cigar.

Cigar smoking is very popular in India and Latin America.

4 – Hookah:


A hookah

– Hookah represents burning of tobacco which is mixed with molasses. The resulting smoke passes through water before being inhaled.
– Hookah is usually used when there are several people.
– Hookah is mostly used Egypt, India and Pakistan

5 – Tobacco chewing:

Tobacco Chewing

Chewing tobaccos

Tobacco chewing is practiced in Afghanistan, India (frequently by women for teeth cleaning), in Africa particularly in Sudan.

6 – Snuff:



The tobacco is used in the form of powder.

It is inhaled either by nose or used as a gum.

It is mostly used in India and Sudan.

7 – Pipe:

Tobacco Pipe

A pipe and tobacco

Pipe contains a chamber in which tobacco is placed, a stem and a mouthpiece through which the smoke is inhaled.


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