Dominic West Smokes And Drinks For A New Role

by Jenny Novac on July 17, 2013

Dominic West

The Wire star, Dominic West, began to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol to excess trying to achieve Richard Burton’s distinct vocal tones for a new drama. Richard Burton is a well-known Welsh actor who was nominated to Academy Awards seven times.

Dominic West plays the decedent actor together with beautiful Helena Bonham Carter who will play role of Elizabeth Taylor. The name of the upcoming movie is Burton and Taylor, and in order to maximally resemble the famous actor Dominic West went to extreme lengths.

In an interview Dominic West said: “Burton has the most beautiful mellifluous voice you’ve ever heard, which put the fear of God into me… When I drank and smoked all night, it worked pretty well but I didn’t have the stamina to keep it up.”

In its turn, Helena Bonham Carter said she consulted an astrologer for advice on playing Burton’s  wife, but Dominic West recognizes he didn’t follow her example, “Helena gave me the number but somehow I never got around to it.”

West prepares very seriously for the role. Besides making attempts to have a voice similar to Burton’s, he took a trip to Burton’s hometown in Wales. He told in an interviwe to Britain’s Guardian, “I went to his birthplace. The thing about Burton is, he’s one of the most romantic actors ever, because his story is so romantic. You really get that when you go to where he grew up, in Pontrhydyfen, which is a beautiful place. It’s very like Switzerland, where he spent much of his life.”

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